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Consistent with the vision and values of the founder, we provide state-of-art development dedicated to Value Added Textile machine production.

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Artex Engineers

Revolutionizing Textile Machinery Solutions

In this video, we’re excited to take you on a journey through our world of cutting-edge textile machinery and value addition solutions. With a rich history spanning 28 years, Artex Engineers has evolved from skilled professionals in an elite textile firm to setting global standards in the industry.


Machinery for Technical Textiles and Value Addition

Coating & Lamination Machine Ranges

Coating and lamination machines are used in a variety of industries to add a protective or decorative layer to materials such as paper, fabric, plastic, and metal.

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Dew Plastic Drop Coating Machine

The Dew Plastic Drop Coating Machine is an innovative solution for coating textiles with a thin, even layer of plastic, providing superior performance and durability.

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Dryer for Digital Printing Machine

In the textile industry, a dryer for digital printing machines is an essential component, that ensures the ink dries quickly and accurately, resulting in high-quality prints.

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Foil/Smog Transfer Machine(Bronzing Machine)

The Foil/Smog Transfer Machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the printing and packaging industries for adding metallic or smog effects to a variety of surfaces.

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Our Work Process

Conceptualization & Design

Creating detailed design and engineering drawings, selecting the materials and components, and estimating the manufacturing cost.

Making & Instalation

This involves procuring the raw materials & components, machining, casting, and assembling the parts to create the machine.

Training & Support

Once the machine is installed, it is crucial, the operators and maintenance personnel need to be trained to operate and maintain the machine.

Documentation & Handover

All the documentation, including user manuals, maintenance manuals, and safety guidelines, is prepared, and the machine is handed over to the client.

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